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Leon Susan

Liewe Tannie Elna, "Ons gaan kamp op ‘n perde kamp daar naby Amersfoort …." was my "volks lied" vanaf 2002 tot 2017. In hierdie tydperk het ek altesaam 11 kampe op Mooikrans...

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Karen Comely

It is with great pleasure that I write this response for you!

I truly believe that when we arrange a function or activity for our Reddam students that it needs to be a worthwhile experience...

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After extensive research into the possibility and availability of an internationally recognised qualification for post-matric students it was decided to recommend an Australian distance-learning course, ACS DISTANCE EDUCATION, which is recognised by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council and accredited in seven overseas countries.

The benefit to students is self-explanatory. The course must be successfully completed in order to obtain the applicable certificate.

EQUUS ACS Equine Behaviour (BAG 216). This course basically follows the existing year-long course offered at MOOIKRANS EQUUS. (Cost approximately R9 000)

AGRI ACS Animal Health Care (VAG 100). While the course generally covers our existing Agri Course, there are some areas where the content is studied in more depth. (Cost approximately R 8 000)

Mooikrans is in negotiations with ACS to obtain a cheaper tariff. While it is their policy to grant a discount when more than one student is enrolled, there are additional costs involved in sending the study material to South Africa. This is included in the fee above.

CHOICE: MOOIKRANS would like to offer their students the opportunity to register for one of these courses. The benefit is self-explanatory, and an international qualification will also be of great value here in South Africa.

We are completely au-fait with the course content and are able to offer complete support in all aspects thereof.

There will be no loss of benefit should the student not wish to pursue the ACS course as the Mooikrans syllabus and practical components is presented in its entirety to all it’s students.

For more information about ACS and course content, see www.acs.edu.au courses/equine behaviour – 551.aspx and www.acs.edu.au courses/animal health care

Please feel free to send us an e-mail should you require further information:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    



www.mooikrans.co.za   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

0837328172   Amersfoort



Mooikrans Equus offers the post-matriculant an opportunity to develop in a unique environment. Situated on the Highveld escarpment with its open vistas, endless mountain ranges and sparkling watercourses, the farm accommodates over 45 Boerperde, trained and managed under the principles of Natural Horsemanship, as well as an Nguni (cattle) studfarm.

You are invited to share in this experience, immersed in the daily activities of horsemanship, equine care and training. Interact with these magnificent animals in a natural environment gaining invaluable knowledge while studying their management and training.

Gain personal insights and life skills while pursuing your passion, overcome personal challenges and develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills in the course of your tertiary studies.

MOOIKRANS’ motto is Carpe Diem because we are committed to living each day in His honour and our philosophy is firmly grounded in Christian Principles


The course consists of six mutually complementary modules, two of which have SAQA accreditation.

Our goal is to produce suitably qualified horsemen while equipping the candidate with sufficient economic, social, psychological and practical skills to enter the labour market and establish a successful career.



1. Personality and Leadership Development

The program, developed by ExcelGrow and recognised by SETA, is presented at an NQF Level 4 with 12 Credits obtained. The course is aimed at Grade 12 graduates who haven’t yet settled on a specific career.

The Course is intended to support and develop the candidate over the training period to meaningfully empower them to address the challenges of adulthood and encourage them to fulfil their potential.

  • Leadership
  • Personal growth and development
  • Emotional maturity (EQ)
  • Strategic planning and personal empowerment

2. First Aid

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3


1. Horsemanship Courses

1.1 Natural Horsemanship courses, developed by Mooikrans Equus, are followed, the most advanced being the Senior Horsemanship Course. A number of entrepreneurs have already established themselves in the labour market after completing this course. 

The aim of this course is to provide the successful candidate with a thorough theoretical knowledge together with practical experience in the Natural Horsemanship discipline (also know as Western Riding)

Over the past 17 years, MOOIKRANS EQUUS has undertaken pioneering work in establishing Horse-centred Horsemanship in South Africa and is currently the only training institute offering this facility.

  • The horse as herd-animal with specific social needs, the horse in its natural state
  • Principles of pressure and reward in schooling
  • Addressing and solving problem behaviour in the horse
  • Health, feeding and care. Illness, injuries and open wounds. Vaccinations and dosing
  • Equine anatomy and physiology

2. Entrepreneurship

  • Qualities of an entrepreneur
  • Principles of business and finance
  • Marketing
  • The establishment and management of a Riding Centre

3. Hospitality and Catering

  • Management, administration and finance in the Hospitality Industry
  • Planning and presentation of functions
  • Kitchen management and food preparation
  • Health and safety rules and regulations

4. Life skills (Practical)

This course includes Personal and Leadership Development and is used in practical application in certain situations

  • Taking control in a crisis
  • Assertiveness and self-defence
  • Etiquette, behavioural; social; telephone; business and office
  • CV preparation and presentation, business correspondence, interviews
  • Basic information technology
  • Leadership through service. Challenges facing a leader in the social environment of 2018


The student is continuously evaluated and tested in accordance with the requirements of the SETA qualifications.

An electronic or hard-copy Progress report on each student is produced bi-monthly 


The course is presented over a period of 10 months. For 2018 from 3rd February to 30th November.


The Students parent or guardian is responsible for the payment of the study fees.

The cost of this course for 2018 is R70 000 (Seventy thousand ZAR) the first payment of R20 000 (Twenty thousand ZAR) payable before 1st February 2018. The balance is payable in 9 monthly instalments of R 5 550 each, payable in advance on the first day of each month with effect from 1st March 2018 with the final payment on 1st November 2018.


The following discount is applicable: Course fees for Students paying a non-refundable deposit of  R 10 000 on or before 30th November 2017,  will be reduced to R60 000 for 2018.

The balance is payable by a further payment of R20 000 before 1st February 2018 and 9 equal monthly instalments of R 3 300 each on or before the first day of each month with effect from 1st March 2018 and the final payment on or before 1st November 2018.

Please remit proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accommodation, meals and course material are included in the course fees.

The fees include:

Accommodation, meals, study materials, classes and practical training

Accredited qualification with the applicable Qualifications Authority

Please bring along:

Bedding linen, pillow, duvet. Torch, backpack/rucksack, water bottle, gumboots, 4 copies of identity document and writing materials.


Riding shoes, denim jeans, comfortable walking shoes, hat

On days when guests are expected Mooikrans forrmal apparel is to be worn. Shirts are available on site at R250 and jackets at R350

Electricity at Mooikrans

Mooikrans uses solar energy and consequently, the use of cell phones, computers and other electrical appliances may be used according to the solar system.

Students are responsible for their own laundry and housekeeping in their rooms

Agreement / Contract

Successful applicants and their parents/guardians conclude an agreement with MOOIKRANS EQUUS a copy of which is available on request.


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